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Sales conditions

How to order, sales conditions

1. How to order
Dear costumers, you can choose plants on our website " http://www.carnivoria.eu ". Please, choose items and quantity which you would like. Chosen items please send on " carnivoria.eu@gmail.com "
We will respond to your order as soon as possible.

Please fill to each to order:
1. Name of person or company (companies please fill VAT, NIP or other identification data)
2. Address (delivery address)
3. Email address or phone number
4. Ordered items and number of items
5. Metod of payment (pay pal, number of your bank account etc.)
6. Other specifications (special date of shippment, required phytosanitary certificate etc.)
The order will not be settled without above mentioned data.

2. Order confirmation
Your order will be confirmed as soon as possible, but at latest up to 14 days.

3. Payment
All prices are in EURO (€), which is a basic currency for us.
We prefer all payments by pay pal and our pay pal address is: " carnivoria.eu@gmail.com "

4. Delivery of consignment
- The consignment will be dispatch immediately after receiving your payment.
- The client will be informed about receiving payment.

5. Shipment and other conditions a) Shipping
- Live plants are shipped worldwide except during winter (November - March).
- Seeds are shipped during the whole year.
- Pygmy Drosera gemmae, hibernaculas of temperate Drosera and Pinguicula, and Utricularia turions, are shipped usually from September to February.
- All customers will be informed about shipping date by e-mail, letter, SMS or by phone.
- All consignments are shipped by registered air-mail or EMS immediately after the payment.

b) Guarantee
- Plants, gemmae and hibernaculas are shipped cleansed, bare root, wrapped in sphagnum or moist soft paper.
- We guarantee healthy plants in relevant size and excellent condition.
- Carnivoria is NOT responsible for any loss or damage during delivery.
- If orders arrive in a damaged condition, contact us immediately on arrival and We will negotiate with clients their possibilities and warranty.
- We reserve the right to ask back the damaged orders (or picture of this damage order) for inspection before shipping replacements.
- By placing client order via email, client unreservedly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

c) Others
- If you will require, we will issue phytosanitary certificate for EUR 30,- (or idividually).
- If you will require, we will issue CITES certificate for EUR 40,- for one parcel.
- These certificates is required for importation of live plants. In compliance CITES regulations, we declare that all plants have been cultivated by us. Even with this certificate, we are not allowed to export plants which listed in CITES Appendix I outside of Europe. To export the following 5 species: Nepenthes khasiana, N. rajah, Sarracenia rubra subsp. alabamensis, S. rubra subsp. jonesii, S. oreophila - you need a special CITES export permit. The price of other special permits is available upon request.
- The shipping costs will be idividually calculated depending on size, weight and country.
- Client will be informed about the amount of postage in advance.
- Shipment of plants outside of EU is regulated by specific instructions of each countries.

Customer has to take care of the import process. We can not cover any loses happening during customs process.